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Extracting Links from a Page with Ruby and Nokogiri

February 13, 2014

Scraper is a pretty good Chrome extension I use on a regular basis to quickly extract links from a page. Unfortunately, there can be rare instances where it actually takes more effort to use. For example, if I wanted to retrieve all links from Hewlett-Packard’s HTML sitemap, I would need to create multiple Google spreadsheets […]

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A Year of Webkit2png

January 1, 2014

When I joined SEOgadget last year, my first blog post was about using webkit2png for site audits, stalking and more.  What I didn’t mention was my 2013 new years resolution – to track the home page of three websites for the entire year with webkit2png. The following videos come from the home pages of Macy’s, […]

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Crayon Syntax Highlighter Themes

October 21, 2013

If you write a technical blog post about optimizing source code for SEO or programming scripts, I highly recommend the Crayon Syntax Highlighter for WordPress users – it gives your examples a nice, snazzy look to it.  The plugin includes 25 default themes but I couldn’t find a good preview gallery for them anywhere so […]

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Updated aHrefs Link Analysis Script

March 18, 2013

I updated my aHrefs bulk link analysis script to improve its functionality by adding two features. The script now returns the results in a CSV file called ahrefs_results.csv Introduces the .map Ruby enumerable for a “cleaner” syntax The source code for this Ruby script can be found at my Github repository. My next task is defining […]

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Bulk Link Analysis with the aHrefs API using Ruby

December 20, 2012

One of my top blog posts this year is the bulk URL checker and has become my staple tool for HTTP checks en masse when I don’t want to fire up third party software.  This accomplishment got me hooked (on coding) and to keep my momentum going I decided to write a Ruby script which […]

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How to Painlessly Combine Multiple Adwords CSVs

September 17, 2012

When I first started doing keyword research I found myself easily downloading 10+ CSV files from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  This became a (painful) problem because I had to manually copy and paste all the data into a single Excel file. Fast forward a few months when I finally found the perfect solution: using […]

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Bulk URL Checker with cURL

May 13, 2012

I discovered the Search Commander’s URL tool awhile back when I needed a scalable solution to check the HTTP status for a large list of URLs.  It worked as intended but when I tried it with 1k+ URLs I pretty much broke the checker and took down the page along with it.  Thus, in my pursuit […]

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Rank Checking with Google Docs ImportXML Function

September 20, 2011

Feb 2014 Edit: The calls, functions and worksheet used in this blog post may be outdated.  If you know of a better guide please contact me and I’ll send a link your way. I want to share with everyone a very quick rank checking tool that I built using the ImportXML function from Google Documents. […]

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