• Designed and launched internal A/B testing system which leverages Bayesian statistics
  • Launched new bidding algorithm utilizing supervised & unsupervised machine learning methods to address low volume data


  • Collaborated with Square’s Data Science team to launch “related articles” module which recommended content based on the predicted intent funnel of the user
  • Accepted new position as FT Optimize’s Director of Optimization - focusing on data science, paid search marketing and software development
  • Rewrote core FTO bidding algorithms to significantly improve operational efficiencies


  • Created the central framework to build out an intent-based content strategy using keyword-level data (still used today at Square)
  • Prototyped a machine learning model for Square’s sales team which parsed customer service call logs to predict their audience segment and problem areas
  • Published TF-IDF explained: with help from US presidents and continues to be my #1 most viewed article
  • Acquired new responsibilities as SEO & CRO Lead at Square


  • Accepted new position at Square as SEO Lead
  • Prototyped and launched internal tool (Project Shakespeare) to understand keyword intent at scale
  • Introduced next generation internal SEO analytics suite (codename Phoenix) and remains the most used dashboard in the Marketing org


  • Promoted to SEO Marketing Manager, WW at Hewlett-Packard
  • Left HP and joined American Eagle Outfitters as Sr. Marketing Manager, SEO
  • Doubled down on learning #rstats when I realized digital marketing needed to get smarter with known & unknown data
  • Began applying unsupervised machine learning techniques to SEO keyword research projects


  • Accepted position at Hewlett-Packard as SEO Marketing Manager, AMS
  • Managed HP’s business consolidation via site migration of multiple international domains to mitigate organic search risk while achieving overall marketing goals


  • Joined SEOgadget (now Builtvisible) as Organic Search Strategist


  • Left CafePress for as Assistant Marketing Manager, SEO
  • Designed and prototyped what is now BrightEdge’s “Share of Voice” product for SEO competitive analysis


  • Promoted to SEO Analyst at CafePress
  • Realized the future of SEO required fairly competent technical skills (Learning to Program & Code fro SEO)
  • Led internal project for server log analysis (100gb of data) to optimize and manage search engine crawler budget


  • To document my SEO journey I started this blog
  • Accepted an internship at CafePress as a Link Builder