Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Occupation: Director of Optimization

My role requires me to lead the data science team at FT Optimize where we write custom software for our clients to achieve their search engine marketing goals efficiently and at scale.

FT Optimize is a full service agency and ad tech company rolled into one. Our corporate goal is simple: be the most efficient SEM agency by using the right mix of technology, system and process to run a modern day marketing department.

Past Life

  • Square
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • HP Inc.
  • Builtvisible (formerly SEOgadget)
  • Macys.com
  • CafePress

Companies I’ve Worked With

  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Lyft
  • Shutterfly
  • ZocDoc
  • LivingSocial
  • Xoom
  • Zoosk

People I’ve Worked With

Sometimes you work with people who fundamentally change how you think about your work. Chris did that for me – helping me to understand how our team could better leverage a technical approach to marketing to make our business better and move the bottom line. He’s innovative, thoughtful, always evolving, and always curious.

~Erin Renzas, SVP of Marketing at Checkout.com

Chris Yee taught me everything I know about digital marketing. The combination of his expertise in the space and friendly patient demeanor make him an excellent consultant. Chris can explain basic and advanced concepts while sharing both tactical and strategic initiatives to get your company’s digital marketing program up and running. He has a sharp mind, thinks out of the box, and is a real pleasure to work with.

~Christal Tossany, Optimization Product Manager at Sephora