Today marks the completion of my second week on the job!  And by job I mean as an SEO Analyst Intern at CafePress.  My previous post, Job Obtained: Link Builder Intern, stated that I’m a Link Builder.  However, that’s incorrect because link building is actually INCLUDED in my duties as an SEO Analyst.  But to tell you the truth, I do WAYYY more than that (I’m not complainin’ of course!) and you’ll find a short list below.

  • In-depth analysis of competitor websites

  • Generate, compile and analyze both weekly and monthly web traffic data

  • Manage numerous social media accounts (# of accounts classified) across various platforms

  • Active link building while keeping keyword anchor texts in mind

  • Community outreach

  • And more to come as the months progress!

I’ll keep you all posted.  Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend because I know I will.   :-]

Christopher Yee, signing out!