This post is super late but if you didn’t know already I left my short tenure with Macy’s earlier this month and joined the SEOgadget family!

You can read my first SEOgadget blog post here.

I’m helping out Laura Lippay expand the US office so I’ll be getting a taste of both agency and startup life.  Business is already booming and I’ve got so much work ahead we are looking to hire another Organic Search Strategist.  Yes, that’s right - I need a partner in crime!

These are not the official minimum requirements but what I think are the bare essentials.  Need to have a solid understanding of SEO and possess the three traits of success: hardworking, smart and passionate.  Everything else can be taught.

What do you get?  Super supportive management and colleagues (including the UK), weapons-grade computer, cool office space, get to attend Mozcon 2013 and a whole lot more.

Everyone on the team has, or had at one point, a cat - you decide what to do with that information.

We’re pretty much offering services no other company is doing, innovating SEO techniques you don’t read in blogs and building out products vendors don’t even have.  It’s great stuff so come join me!!!

Oh, and you have to be based in San Francisco…for now.