To get yourself up to speed, I would recommend reading part uno of this two part series - Domain Change and Duplicate Content.

But first, allow me to bask in my own glory as I provide an update on my current search engine rankings for this blog. seo chris yee - #2 on Google; #1 on Bing/Yahoo seo christopher yee - #2 on Google; #1 on Bing/Yahoo christopher yee- #38 on Google; >100 on Bing/Yahoo

An interesting thing that I noticed is my LinkedIn profile is no longer #1 on Google but instead has been replaced by LinkedIn’s directory for “Christopher Yee.”  I’ve already optimized my LinkedIn for “seo christopher yee” but I guess Googlebot doesn’t scour individual profiles frequently.

Another SERP breakthrough is ranking #38 on Google for my name by itself, “christopher yee.”  I thought I’d never get up there since position #1 and #2 are domains that have around for 5+ years.  I have no clue what is going on with the Bing/Yahoo search engine though.

Anyways, it has taken Google about a month to index my site since I changed domains from cyee428.wordpress to seochristopheryee.wordpress.  When I first started SEO Adventures, it took about 2 weeks to get it indexed.  So why did it take the latter domain so long?

I originally thought it was a duplicate content issue because the search engines still had cyee428 indexed.  I mean, it was a pretty legitimate reason since I didn’t see ANYTHING indexed for the longest time.  Then I realized my mistake - I forgot to submit my new blog to Google.


I can hear my mom nagging me now, “look before you leap!”  Even though my experiment was a failure due to absent-mindedness (noob), we can still learn something here - your website doesn’t exist unless you submit it to Google.  Oh, and of course, plan ahead before you carry out an SEO test.

I’m out and about!