Random thoughts, rants and raves.

On Innovation (Mini-Rant)

February 19, 2018

TL;DR implementing a system to “drive” (e.g. creating a team or process) and “celebrate” (e.g. recognition awards because let’s be real those are just popularity contests) innovation is counter-productive to progress and I firmly believe this can only be fostered via company culture, environment, public forum, mind share, etc. What is innovation?  I define it […]

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Moz: Put Your Money Where Your [Diversity] Mouth Is

August 13, 2017

I attended MozCon 2017 last month where it’s always a blast to reconnect with old colleagues and make new friends.  That being said, this isn’t going to be your typical feel good post or conference recap.  Instead, it’s going to be an observation about conference diversity, specifically MozCon. CONTEXT I attended my first MozCon back […]

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Joining the SEOgadget Family

February 28, 2013

This post is super late but if you didn’t know already I left my short tenure with Macy’s earlier this month and joined the SEOgadget family! You can read my first SEOgadget blog post here. I’m helping out Laura Lippay expand the US office so I’ll be getting a taste of both agency and startup life. […]

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Goodbye CafePress, Hello Macys.com

June 30, 2012

There are many pivotal moments in a life time and one of mine occurred earlier this month when I made the difficult decision to resign from CafePress as the in-house SEO Analyst.  After nearly two years of dedicated service I felt my time was up as my professional long-term vision no longer aligned with company goals. […]

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Attending SearchLove SF Conference with Distilled

April 30, 2012

Update: Conference has unfortunately been cancelled. I don’t have anything major to share this month besides the fact that I will be attending Distilled’s SearchLove conference in San Francisco (not an affiliate link).  I am super excited about it and can’t believe it’s less than 1.5 months away!  If you plan to attend please let me […]

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Funny and Interesting Search Phrases of 2011

December 31, 2011

Happy new years eve, everyone!  To continue my tradition from last year, below are the top funny and interesting search phrases for CafePress in 2011.  Enjoy! Funniest Don’t ask me, ask google The sun is trying to kill me Pow! I just shit my pants I eat my road kill Dick cheney eats kittens Barack […]

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Learning to Program & Code for SEO

November 16, 2011

In the past few months I’ve taken a new interest in learning how to program and code as it applies to SEO.  This came out as a need to research and evaluate SEO campaigns in a scalable manner where popular SEO tools didn’t work for my situation or I had no engineering resources available.  It […]

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October SEO Link Round-Up

October 31, 2011

It’s been very busy for me this month so unfortunately I do not have anything to write about.  However, I am introducing my monthly link round-up where I share some of the most link worthy blog posts out there about SEO – I guess that’s my treat. As for the trick?  Well – there is […]

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New Blog (Domain), New Goals

September 1, 2011

I’ve officially transitioned my SEO blog from the free wordpress.COM to the paid wordpress.ORG version. Everything went off without a hitch and I can’t thank the WordPress team enough for making this process ridiculously easy. I have yet to work on the color scheme and layout although that can always come later.

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Switching Over to WordPress.org

August 27, 2011

When I first started this blog a little over a year ago, its main purpose was to act as my resume. It was to show potential employers that even though I had no knowledge about the SEO industry, I was very passionate about it. I made it my goal to write at least one blog […]

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