Happy new years eve, everyone!  To continue my tradition from last year, below are the top funny and interesting search phrases for CafePress in 2011.  Enjoy!


  • Don’t ask me, ask google

  • The sun is trying to kill me

  • Pow! I just shit my pants

  • I eat my road kill

  • Dick cheney eats kittens

  • Barack you like a hurricane

  • I’m sick of hearing what rich people think

  • Page me like it’s 1997

  • A little whiskey makes me frisky

  • Dinosaurs are jesus ponies

Most Interesting

  • In beer there is strength, in wine there is wisdom, in water there is bacteria

  • Does beer kill dogs?

  • Cow tipping in missouri

  • Curse you and your inevitable betrayal!

  • A is for frog

  • Happy mutants for nuclear power

  • Brown chicken brown cow

  • Very funny scotty now beam down my clothes

  • Nuke the south

  • 1 by 1 the penguins are stealing my sanity

Unrelated to CafePress

  • Buy a hyaena

  • Vegas pro 10 user manual

  • $60 tattoo gun

  • San Diego marine boot camp

  • Address of the 505th parachute infantry regiment

  • Black java chicken

  • Pension investment manager

  • 1955 seeburg for sale

  • Ancient hebrew lexicon of the bible

  • Make your own 3D babies

Have fun tonight and may 2012 be better than the last!