I’ve done it!  After a couple of months of phone and on-site interviews, I’ve finally obtained a job in the field of search engine optimization!

Last month I completed my first SEM/PPC job interview with a web marketing company down in Southern California.  Unfortunately, that fell through because I assume relocation was their biggest issue.  I had another phone/on-site interview with a PPC company in Emeryville but I didn’t get THAT position because I bombed the interview…..and by bombed I mean I was paralyzed when the interviewer asked me questions I never even expected.  The only thing going through my mind at that time was, “I thought this was an entry level position?!”

In spite of this, I am a firm believer of the phrase, “third time’s a charm.”  And INDEED it was!  After a series of phone interviews and a two hour long on-site interview, I was offered a position with CafePress as a Link Builder Intern.  I will go into the details about my new position in a later post but right now I just want to bask in my glory!

I start tomorrow first thing in the morning.  Wish me luck!