Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of enhancing a websites exposure in the search engine results pages (SERPs) to generate traffic and drive business conversions – strategy revolves around on-page technical factors and off-page marketing.

Domain Change and Duplicate Content

September 7, 2010

Before I begin my post I would like to say – I FINALLY RANKED #1 (2, 3 and 4) ON GOOGLE FOR “SEO CHRISTOPHER YEE” !!!!!!!!!  Although #1 goes to my LinkedIn profile, it doesn’t bother me at all because I know that it’s ME and not some other dude.  This is one small step […]

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Job Obtained: SEO Analyst Intern

September 3, 2010

Today marks the completion of my second week on the job!  And by job I mean as an SEO Analyst Intern at CafePress.  My previous post, Job Obtained: Link Builder Intern, stated that I’m a Link Builder.  However, that’s incorrect because link building is actually INCLUDED in my duties as an SEO Analyst.  But to […]

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Top 5 Important SEO Fixes

August 4, 2010

For the past couple of weeks I completed a whole slew of phone and on-site interviews with potential employers who wanted to hire me as an entry-level SEO/SEM Analyst.  A recurring question amongst my interviewers was, “what do you think are the most important factors to look at for search engine optimization?”  With that in […]

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Search Engine Algorithm Mystery, Part 1

July 29, 2010

I appear to have stumbled across a search engine algorithm mystery when it comes to getting my pages ranked.  In a matter of three days I was whomped (is that a word?) off the charts by Google for lord knows what factor.  In spite of this, I gained rank elsewhere on their SERPs.  Every search […]

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SEO Website Analysis – Wayfare Tavern

July 20, 2010

Today, SEO Christopher Yee begins a new initiative – FREE SEO Website Analysis !  I will be combing the world wide web every few days to offer FREE search engine optimization website reviews.  The goal of this?  To put my new-found knowledge to the test while offering pro bono SEO services to website owners.  What […]

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What is SEO?

July 6, 2010

Before the beginning of my SEO journey, I had discovered the art and science of Search Engine Optimization a few months back when I was sifting through the Marketing/PR/Ad job postings on Craigslist and stumbled upon a posting titled SEO Analyst.  Intrigued, I Google’d the term and digested a litany of blogs and articles related […]

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Let My SEO Journey Begin

July 1, 2010

Hey there! Since this is my first blog post for SEO Christopher Yee, I find it only appropriate to detail a little bit about myself and what I’ll be blogging about. For starters, my name is Christopher Yee and I was born and raised in good ol’ San Francisco, CA. I graduated from the University […]

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