Data Visualization

For the Love of Data, Segment!

August 28, 2018

Aggregated data is misleading. Let’s read that again: aggregated data is misleading. Why? Because the homogenized set buries the meaningful insights away. For example, I recently came across a competitive SEO analysis that examined the relationship between the number of ranking organic keywords to the estimated traffic from organic search for a handful of websites.  […]

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Data Viz: Top Marketing Words in Linkedin Job Titles

March 10, 2018

I abhor tabulated data for a number of reasons: Quite difficult on the human eye to spot trends Puts a burden on the end user to spend extra time digesting the information True insights get lost because the devil is in the details In fact, individuals who join Square’s SEO team (I’m hiring by the […]

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TF-IDF Explained: With Help From US Presidents

September 25, 2017

TF-IDF, or Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency, has long been utilized by search engines to score and rank a document’s relevance for any given search query.  In spite of this, I think it continues to be a misunderstood or under-the-radar concept in the broader SEO world due to 1) “keyword density” being much easier to explain […]

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So You Want To Be An SEO [Insert Position Here] ?

February 17, 2012

In the first week of January 2012, I conducted a small research project where I manually extracted the text from SEO job postings on LinkedIn and plugged them into a word cloud generator called Wordle.  I was curious to know what hiring companies nowadays are looking for when they want to fill an SEO position in terms […]

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