Certified with Google Analytics

by Christopher Yee on March 10, 2012

After delaying the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam for an entire year, I finally decided to get it over with and I passed!  Here’s a screenshot of the certification PDF they sent me.

GAIQ Certificate

Below is my score card for the GAIQ test results.

GAIQ Results

In retrospect, I should’ve used the remaining 45 minutes to double check my answers and boost up my score but my over-confidence convinced me otherwise.  At least now I know I should read up on E-commerce Tracking – probably got dinged for the technical Javascript implementation questions.

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So You Want To Be An SEO [Insert Position Here] ?

by Christopher Yee on February 17, 2012

In the first week of January 2012, I conducted a small research project where I manually extracted the text from SEO job postings on LinkedIn and plugged them into a word cloud generator called Wordle.  I was curious to know what hiring companies nowadays are looking for when they want to fill an SEO position in terms of perception (job description) and qualifying factors (job experience).

A small disclaimer: I make sweeping generalizations for each image so it may not apply to every position, description, experience or company.  That being said, feel free to offer your own explanations in the comments section below as I am always open to hearing how others interpret this.

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Funny and Interesting Search Phrases of 2011

by Christopher Yee on December 31, 2011

Happy new years eve, everyone!  To continue my tradition from last year, below are the top funny and interesting search phrases for CafePress in 2011.  Enjoy!


  • Don’t ask me, ask google
  • The sun is trying to kill me
  • Pow! I just shit my pants
  • I eat my road kill
  • Dick cheney eats kittens
  • Barack you like a hurricane
  • I’m sick of hearing what rich people think
  • Page me like it’s 1997
  • A little whiskey makes me frisky
  • Dinosaurs are jesus ponies

Google Zeitgeist 2011: Year in Review

by Christopher Yee on December 17, 2011

Enjoy the new 2011 Google Zeitgeist video below. We made it. =]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIEamakLoY]

Learning to Program & Code for SEO

by Christopher Yee on November 16, 2011

In the past few months I’ve taken a new interest in learning how to program and code as it applies to SEO.  This came out as a need to research and evaluate SEO campaigns in a scalable manner where popular SEO tools didn’t work for my situation or I had no engineering resources available.  It was like I had both hands tied behind my back.

For example, I found myself asking certain questions and performing SEO fixes that were very labor intensive.  What is the redirect destination for a list of 200+ URLs?  How many links are pointing to the new location?  And to take it further, how many times were those pages crawled by Google in the last month?

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October SEO Link Round-Up

by Christopher Yee on October 31, 2011

It’s been very busy for me this month so unfortunately I do not have anything to write about.  However, I am introducing my monthly link round-up where I share some of the most link worthy blog posts out there about SEO – I guess that’s my treat.

As for the trick?  Well – there is none.  I am not putting up any old links just for the hell of it.  I passionately endorse these articles because I know I will refer to them again in the future.

Celebrities Killed the SEO Star
This is more of an opinion post but still a good read because it’s a different perspective from what I normally see in my feed.  As with all things in life, take it with a grain of salt since everyone’s experiences and exposures are different.

67 Elegant, Effective and FREE Website Graphics
If you haven’t noticed already, my website needs an extreme makeover and this post couldn’t have come at a better time.  You can find buttons, background images, navigation bars, alert boxes and more for your site.  Best of all – it’s FREE.

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Rank Checking with Google Docs ImportXML Function

by Christopher Yee on September 20, 2011

Feb 2014 Edit: The calls, functions and worksheet used in this blog post may be outdated.  If you know of a better guide please contact me and I’ll send a link your way.

I want to share with everyone a very quick rank checking tool that I built using the ImportXML function from Google Documents. But first, a quick history lesson…

Or you can just grab the G-Doc ImportXML Rank Checker here.

Historical Context

I used to love rank checking when I first started out as an SEO analyst. I thought it was the only thing that mattered and took great pride when the keyword rankings jumped to the top of the fold on page one. However, as I matured professionally and took on more important responsibilities at CafePress*, checking for keyword ranks fell to the wayside and lost its novelty as it became a time suck.

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New Blog (Domain), New Goals

by Christopher Yee on September 1, 2011

I’ve officially transitioned my SEO blog from the free wordpress.COM to the paid wordpress.ORG version. Everything went off without a hitch and I can’t thank the WordPress team enough for making this process ridiculously easy. I have yet to work on the color scheme and layout although that can always come later.

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Switching Over to WordPress.org

by Christopher Yee on August 27, 2011

When I first started this blog a little over a year ago, its main purpose was to act as my resume. It was to show potential employers that even though I had no knowledge about the SEO industry, I was very passionate about it. I made it my goal to write at least one blog post per month even though there wasn’t any real value to it. But that will all be changing soon as I have finally decided to migrate over to the paid version of WordPress – with new goals in mind.

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21 Lessons Learned: One Year of SEO

by Christopher Yee on July 17, 2011

Wow – this blog is officially ONE YEAR OLD!  I have learned a lot about the art and science of search engine optimization since my journey began and I must admit it has been quite an experience.  Below are some of the lessons learned these past 12 months in no particular order of importance.

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